•  Best of Boulder County Awards Two Years in a Row and Counting!
  •  92 Google Reviews!
  •  Athletes, Pediatrics, Pre-Natal and Family Care
  •  Gentle, Affordable and Effective!
  • Complete Health Consultation
  •  Full Neurological Evaluation
  •  Doctor's Report of Findings
  •  Health Insurance and Benefits Check
  •  Best of Boulder County Awards Two Years in a Row and Counting!
  •  92 Google Reviews!
  •  Athletes, Pediatrics, Pre-Natal and Family Care
  •  Gentle, Affordable and Effective!
50 AVAILABLE for December | 17/50 CLAIMED! 
 Here are just a few of the monumental advantages TRT has over traditional chiropractic techniques:
  • Newest and most advanced technique in the world.
  •  No cracking, popping, or twisting! That’s right, so now a session with your Chiropractor won’t scare your children (or you!).
  •  Rapid results in less time.
  •  Focused on True Correction vs. Temporary Relief.
  •  Researchable and reproducible.
  •  Keeps stress levels low and your well-being high.
  •  Adjustments only take a couple of minutes so you can get back to your busy life.
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Full Neurological Evaluation Included in Offer!
"Sam (10 month old) was sleeping max 2 hour gaps a night. Since taking him to Apex he is sleeping  8 hours and napping 2 times a day! He is a new happy baby!” 
50 AVAILABLE for December | 17/50 CLAIMED! 
"Being an athlete means being prepared. I don't start a race without training. I don't train without good nutrition. And I don't wait for aches and pains before taking care of my body. APEX Chiropractic is part of my weekly routine as Dr. Shane helps prevent issues that inevitably come from being an endurance athlete. ” 
"Dr. Shane is fantastic. I had chronic neck pain for years and after a few months it was completely gone. I was also unable to sit or walk for more than 15 minutes due to a broken tailbone. I went to several other chiropractors and doctors for years and they were never able to help. After a few months of seeing Dr. Shane I was able to to hike and exercise again. The best was not having to use a donut pillow everywhere I sat anymore. And thanks to Lisa who entertains my kids during my appointments. Thank you Apex Chiropractor for helping me get my life back in order.” 
"I had a terrible fall while skiing and suffered a traumatic brain injury, vertebral artery dissection which gave me a stroke, spinal cord injury, torn ligaments, muscles and tendons in my cervical spine and thoracic spine. I am a former Professional skier. Before I started being treated by Dr. Shane I was in horrific shape. I was housebound, living with debilitating migraines, severe vertigo and dizziness, constant nausea and terrible coordination. My body had atrophied so badly that I could barely walk up a few steps. My life as I knew it was destroyed in an instant. I lived in so much fear.  I have been in treatment now for four months and my life is changing for the better on a weekly basis. Dr. Shane's technique is gentle, 100% effective and life altering for this patient! I am able now able to walk a decent distance. I have times where I do not have debilitating migraines and so much more!!!! ” 
Call us: 720-328-1790 | Email: apexchiroco@gmail.com | 305 McCaslin Blvd #6, Louisville, CO 80027
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